The best parts of travelling to, discovering and enjoying a new city are not always found in your guide book. Sometimes you just have to close it and open your eyes, imagination, and sense of adventure to discover what a location really has to offer.

NYC Night
The glittering lights of New York City hold many secrets for travelers.

If that is a step too far, but you still want to experience a city through the eyes of a local, Love Home Swap has taken the advice of those who know their city best and compiled a list of the top 150 secret destinations in 33 of the world’s must-see cities.

Travel Gluttons’ favourite cities Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris make the list, as do Buenos Aires, Reykjavik, and Stockholm. But what should you eat, drink, and see the next time you find yourself in Cape Town, New York City, or Hong Kong?

If you want to follow the advice of locals in Cape Town, a steak, “the finest cut meat grilled to perfection” from the Cattle Baron should be at the top of your to-do list. Their flaming Chateaubriand, a tenderloin fillet flambéed with brandy, is something for all meat lovers to sink their teeth into.

In New York City, it’s almost impossible to miss the pink façade of Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs on West Broadway. Another thing you can’t miss are their cocktails and whether you are sipping a Dark ‘n Stormy, a Swedish Lady, or a Corpse Reviver #2 after a rough night out, the crowds of tourists at Times Square will feel a million miles away.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s liveliest metropolises but if you are searching for silence among the skyscrapers you are better off to look on the tiny island of Peng Chau. Known for its tranquil temples, a taste of the island’s fresh seafood and a short hike to the top of Finger Hill at sunset will leave you with a sense of how Hong Kong used to be.

While few destinations ever truly remain a secret, a little local knowledge always goes a long way toward finding out what a city really has to offer.

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