The vegetarian’s ultimate favourite garden-fresh salad will never be the same again, or at least not for a team of creative French architects who designed a vegetable-growing pavilion that makes garden-fresh so literal.

Imagine carrots, lettuce, and even hops sticking right out of the walls, ready for the picking. Then imagine how these walls that were turned into food gardens would be able to feed not only those living inside the walls, but the entire community as well. Visionary architects who designed France’s pavilion, to be showcased at the World Expo 2015, were thinking exactly how food security can be addressed through simple architectural creativity.

green lettuce
The World Expo theme for 2015 is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

So they came up with a latticed timber structure that will grow herbs, vegetables, and hops and called the structure “tomorrow’s market”. A restaurant to be opened at the second floor of the French pavilion will use the fresh vegetables and herbs as main ingredients to delicious dishes to be served to guests during next year’s biggest global market event. A brasserie and quick refreshment points will be set up alongside the restaurant.

France has decided to build this extra-ordinary, cause-oriented pavilion for the World Expo 2015 to be held in Milan, Italy to illustrate the expo theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” as a proposal for drawing up a new market model in which the place of production may be consumed on the spot.

Milan is Italy’s second most populous city and a major financial hub for the country and the rest of Europe. To reach Milan, you can either fly in through the city’s three international airports or travel by land using regular and express trains that cross Italy’s major destinations.

The pavilion itself will be made of lightweight wood materials as it is only a temporary structure. It will be covered in a latticed timber structure with curved hollows to frame interior spaces on which vines of hops as well as vegetables will be allowed to grow. At the ground floor of the pavilion, the design team has decided to set up an exhibit that will feature some of France’s food production marvels. A boutique will be housed in the pavilion, where a variety of French food will be served, too. There is a demonstration zone, as well, where shows of French savoir-faire in the kitchen, are presented for free.

As one of the oldest cities in Europe, Milan spans 26 centuries of history and heritage. While most of its ancient structures were destroyed during World War II, the city has preserved many of its Italian Renaissance and Baroque museums and churches. But if you’d prefer modern sights, then head for the central district for some shopping. Milan, after all, is claimed to be the world’s fashion hub.

The pavilion will be constructed by May 2015 just in time for the opening of the expo and the harvesting of the hops. Other countries, like Vietnam, China and Italy also constructed their own display pavilion that showcases the expo theme.

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