New York! New York!  Don’t we all want to be part of it?

You can never say you’ve lived a full life without getting a bite, even just a small one, of the Big Apple. Bright lights, big city….it is a place where the possibilities seem endless!

Having earned its stature as the proverbial land of opportunities, New York gives a face and a name to the American dream. This place engulfs you with a sense of swagger that is so out of the ordinary that it gives you a superhuman-like conviction to do anything you want.

And this New York state of mind is the main reason there’s so much creativity and innovation going on in the place. That applies to even the simplest chore, such as doing the laundry.

The Wash House
And you thought doing the laundry had to be boring! (Photo Credit: The Wash House)

Hand me the soap and the grilled cheese, please.

A new place around the corner of 1st Street, aptly named The Wash House, has come up with a unique way to attract New Yorkers to do their laundry – offer them a great-tasting snack and ice-cold beer.

Their slogan nails it – “Laundry today or Naked tomorrow!” But the young creatives who own The Wash House didn’t stop there. They went a step further by offering a culinary haven to tired souls who just hate doing the laundry.

Try biting on The Crunch while waiting for water to fill the tub. This sandwich masterpiece is laden with mozzarella cheese and pepper jack, with just the right amount of pickles to please your taste buds. Other irresistible choices are the sweet Soft Wash, a dessert-snack with Nutella, mascarpone, honey, bananas, and strawberry on challah, and the popular Tony P, a sweet-spicy sandwich with Havarti dill, muenster, pickles, and Dijon mustard.

The Wash House
Who knew laundry and food could go together so well?! (Photo Credit: The Wash House)

Drinking the suds away

So how can a pint of beer help you finish your chore? At The Wash House, that’s more like a statement than an interrogative sentence. Their beer is brimming with suds, just enough for you to forget hating doing the laundry.

The menu is filled with great choices to quench your thirst, including cold-brewed coffee and a host of local and craft beers. They have the Ithaca Flower Power and Sly Fox (get a sip of each to know why they’re named like that) and the fun Coney Island and Champagne. On cold days, you’ll find warmth in their coffee and tea beverages.

The Coney Island area of the borough of Brooklyn (actually a peninsula, not an island) was once the playground of the rich and famous. Wealthy New Yorkers flocked there as early as the mid-1800s to enjoy a stay at the beautiful hotels and bathhouses that had sprung up along the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. – A View on Cities

With its delicious goodies, satisfying booze, and cool ambiance, The Wash House has indeed made a traditionally –boring chore into an enjoyable, socially-fulfilling routine.

And that’s exactly how The Big Apple does its laundry.

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