You remembered to grab your passport and pack your favourite pair of socks, but deciding where to eat during your holiday was something you just didn’t find time for. Luckily we have plenty of recommendations on what to eat, where to stay, and what to do in top cities around the world.​ Below you’ll find a selection of our favourite food city guides, but we have plenty more.

​Food City Guide: North America

[callout]​New Orleans: There is so much more to New Orleans than Mardi Gras and bar-hopping on Bourbon street. Ask any local about their city and you’ll be inundated with suggestions for things to see, local delicacies to try out, and great bars to visit. Their love and enthusiasm for the ‘Big Easy’ is definitely contagious.​[/callout]

[callout]​Vancouver: A natural beauty of epic proportions—that’s how you describe Vancouver. Its proximity to Canada’s rugged nature means you can engage in any type of outdoor activity at any time of the year. It is home to a melting pot of cultures and this diversity energises Vancouver and leaves its mark on the city’s art galleries, festivals, and restaurants, where chefs take locally grown, caught, and produced food seriously.​[/callout]

Food City Vancouver Canada
With four distinct seasons, Vancouver is alluring at any time of the year. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

​Food City Guide: South America

[callout]Buenos Aires: Tango, a glass of full-bodied Malbec wine, and a tender bife de lomo steak are three must-try things for all visitors to Buenos Aires. But stay a little longer, dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover even more of what Argentina’s capital has to offer. You’ll soon find yourself savouring café con leche y dos medialunas (coffee with milk and two croissants) for breakfast, exploring cutting-edge contemporary art galleries, and wishing you never had to leave.[/callout]

[callout]​Rio de Janeiro: As the host country of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, all eyes were on Brazil, but Rio de Janeiro deserves extra credit. It was selected to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games and is the kind of city that once you have experienced it, you can never forget it. Rio is dazzling, fascinating, vibrant, and sensual, and simply put, you just have to see it for yourself.​[/callout]

Food City Rio de Janeiro Brazil
The Sugarloaf Cable Car will bring you to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain and present Rio de Janeiro in all its glory. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Food City Guide: Asia

[callout]Singapore: Behind the futurist sky-scrappers and luxurious shopping centers, you will find many unique and authentic neighborhoods, tasteful local food, and an extremely creative art scene in Singapore. This city-state, a tiny island named Temasek at its beginnings in 1365, was once a former British colony. The smallest country in south-east Asia is a buzzing melting pot of cultures, civilizations, and religions, influencing every inch of Singapore.  Don’t overlook this rich and unique nation vibrating between future and feng shui.​[/callout]

[callout]​Tokyo: Boldly modern, Tokyo, the Japanese capital is a fast-moving, trendy, and busy city, yet ferociously attached to its traditions. Shinto and Buddhist temples are beautifully preserved. Traditional lodging named Ryokans are valorised by locals and tourists alike. Many historical and quaint areas such as Yanaka, the neighborhood of the cats, still remain authentic. Don’t be surprised if you come across a woman wearing a beautiful, hand-crafted kimono in the street or on the metro. Be ready to be Lost in Translation in Tokyo![/callout]

Food City Tokyo Japan
Spots to eat delicious and popular food are plentiful in Tokyo. (Photo Credit: Christine Cognieux)

​Food City Guide: Europe

[callout]​Puglia: Not so known as Tuscany or Sicily, Puglia is a diamond to be revealed. Rich in gastronomy, landscapes (sea and hills), and culture (going back to the Romans!), you’ll never have enough time to truly discover this south eastern part of Italy. It is bordered by the Ionian and the Adriatic seas with 800 kilometres of coastline. The most prominent city is Bari, and six provinces divide the region.[/callout]

[callout]​Valencia: Spain’s third largest city, Valencia, is home of the famous Spanish dish—paella—über-modern architecture. It’s a city that mixes a wonderful laid-back vibe with gorgeous architecture, vibrant culture, mouth watering food, and endless possibilities of shopping—not to mention a significant cameo in the movie, Tomorrowland.[/callout]

[callout]Valletta: Before even setting foot in Valletta, Malta’s capital city impresses with its skyline. Built during the rule of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the city is mainly Baroque in style with elements of Mannerist, Neo-Classical, and Modern architecture giving it a puzzle piece design that somehow works. Officially recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980, it is also the European Capital City of Culture 2018. From the sparkling views across The Grand Harbour to the richly decorated balconies—Valletta is a city easy to fall in love with.[/callout]

Food City Valencia Spain
Food, glorious food!—at the Mercado Central. (Photo Credit: Noemi Nagy)

Food City Guide: Antarctica

[callout]We haven’t made it here yet, but we would love to hear your recommendations!​[/callout]

Food City Antarctica
Snow, ice, water, and rock—Antarctica is simply stunning. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

​Food City Guide: Africa

[callout]Marrakech: The busy streets filled with vibrant colours, the walls decorated with all kinds of knickknacks, and the countless amount of rooftop terraces to chill on are only a few of the reasons as to why Marrakech, Morocco is a place to be. The former capital is also known as the red city due to its reddish colours that invade the town walls.[/callout]

Food City Marrakech Morocco
Even a bowl of olives has so much beauty in Marrakech. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

​Food City Guide: Australia

[callout]Melbourne: The capital city of the state Victoria in Australia, this city has approximately 4.5 million citizens and is the biggest city in Victoria. Melbourne is a cultural, business, recreational, and event city where you can be inspired by everything the city has to offer. Visit museums, the botanical gardens, be inspired by the street art in the city center and plan a day in St. Kilda. And of course enjoy a drink on the rooftop bars and get lost in the hidden alleys.​[/callout]

[callout]​Sydney: Can you fall in love with a city? Yes, you can! Sydney is a city which has it all. The famous beaches, the breathtaking view of the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, the skyscraper view from the ferry and Westfield Tower, and not the mention the food diversity ranging from western food, to Asian, to you name it. There is absolutely everything you could wish for in Sydney.[/callout]

Food City Melbourne Australia
Melbourne is known as a city which has four seasons in one day. This may sound strange and hard to imagine but it’s actually true! (Photo Credit: Soraya Lemmons)

​​What is your favourite food city?

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