Travel predictions for the New Year are nothing new. Each year just after all the end of year roundups, publications around the globe attempt to predict what the next year will look like when it comes to travel.

Sushi on a plate
Will you be travelling in 2014 for some sushi?

This year we were super glad to see that The Daily Beast (by Condé Nast Traveler) seemed to have jumped into our heads and seen exactly what we have been thinking:

3. More people will travel to eat.


…Our obsession with authentic regional cuisine and the origins of its ingredients will grow, with more travelers wanting to take local cooking classes, go with chefs to food markets, meet farmers and cheese makers and winemakers, even stomp grapes…

And that is exactly why we set up Travel Gluttons. To help you find the best places and things, the world over, to eat. And to give you the background to those very places so you enjoy your experience even more.

Whether you need information on the best places to eat in a city, the instructions on how to eat that tricky food item or just want a list of some of the best food events and festivals around the world, we’ve got you covered.

So tell us, where are you dying to go just because of the food?

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