Out the window the world speeds by. As you shuffle in your seat to get comfortable a sound from the back of the carriage can be heard – the squeak, squeak of a food cart’s wheels as it trundles towards you.

Ah, train food.

Restaurant food of your choice on-board a train? Yes, that's possible.
Restaurant food of your choice on-board a train? Yes, that’s possible.

We have written before about the lengths some train companies are going to to improve the taste and reputation of food on-board. But now there is a new service joining the game that attempts to give passengers even more choice.

“Travel Khana promises to bring the most flavorsome foods from popular restaurants, where you can choose anything from traditional Indian thalis to more assorted choices in Chinese, continental, local and Mughlai food. We offer freshly cooked food for train journey across all popular stations with stations being added every day.”

About six billion passengers travel on Indian Railways each year. Travel Khana aims to provide some of them a choice of quality food while travelling.

Did you know? There are two UNESCO World Heritage sites on Indian Railways – the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and the Mountain Railways of India.

The service, which can be reached via telephone or online, pairs travellers with restaurants along their route. After ordering, the passenger’s journey is tracked by the Travel Khana platform to ensure that the ordered meal arrives fresh and on time, directly to their seat.

Now that’s service.

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