Tofino is a town in British Columbia, Canada, that normally attracts nature enthusiasts, surfers, and fishermen, but once every year at the Tofino Food and Wine Festival, it attracts admirers of culinary delights and fresh British Columbia wines. Beginning on June 7th, there are several events and activities throughout the weekend.

Wine swirl
Enjoy the flavour of a crisp white wine at the Tofino Food and Wine Festival.

“Tofino Food and Wine Festival celebrates the marriage of food and wine, with the main event, Grazing in the Gardens, showcasing local culinary talents and British Columbia wines, in the beautiful Tofino Botanical Gardens. Over the years, Grazing in the Gardens has supported several non profit organizations and initiatives, including Tofino Botanical Gardens Foundation, Community Children’s Centre and Tofino’s Community Garden, Wickaninnish School PAC Garden Revitalization, Lighthouse Trail and Multi Use Path (MUP).

In 2003, the festival began as a small, local event, and has since grown into a destination weekend for out of town guests and is still a favourite event for locals alike. The reason for this is both the unique setting for the festival, as well as the excellent quality of food and wine provided by local chefs and winemakers. It is truly a memorable weekend, and a wonderful way to experience the west coast.”

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