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But today we are switching gears a little and talking about juices…yes, juices.

Yesterday was the start of the Glass House in the Netherlands. Every year in the week before Christmas one of the biggest radio stations in the country, 3FM, organises this fundraising campaign. Also known as 3FM Serious Request, the initiative aims to raise money for (the Red Cross for) lesser known world-issues.

The Glass House 2014
The more disgusting the juice, the more fun it is for the viewers! (Photo Credit: Raymond van Olphen)

How do they raise the money? Three DJs from the station are locked inside the glass house for six days. The days are spent with celebrity guests, auction items, a lot of comical activity, and plenty of donations that people from around the Netherlands deliver in forms great and small. During the six days, the DJs go without food relying only on specially blended and sometimes disgusting juices.

An example juice from 2013 featured carrot, apple, ginger, beet juice, pineapple juice, and parsley.

Every year the Glass House is in a different Dutch city. This year you can find it in the historic city of Haarlem. Near Amsterdam, the city is often called “the little Amsterdam” due to its traditional Dutch architecture and village feel.

The Teylers Museum is somehow reminiscent of a set from an Indiana Jones film.  It could be the fossils and prehistoric skeletons or the old scientific instruments on display.  Most likely, it is the Oval Room with its display cases filled with mineralogical treasures, complete with dusty, hand-written labels. The Netherlands’ oldest museum, Teylers opened to the public in 1784.  The magnificent building facing the Spaarne River also houses a collection of paintings from the Dutch Romantic School and hosts temporary exhibitions. – The Netherlands by Numbers 

Last year the Glass House raised over 12 million Euros (EURO) and expectations are high again this year. Whether you want to peer into the Glass House, eat Dutch food, explore the city of Haarlem or just donate some money – now is a great time to be in the Netherlands.

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