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Sophie's Suitcase

1. Who are you?

I’m Sophie, a British 23 year old living in Buckinghamshire just outside London. I am a young professional working in PR and marketing but I am also a travel blogger on the side. I live with my boyfriend and we are both lovers of travel and culture, constantly on the road and looking for that next destination to visit.

2. What is your site Sophie’s Suitcase about?

Sophie’s Suitcase is a travel and lifestyle blog with a focus on affordable luxury. Sophie’s Suitcase was founded in 2010 whilst on the road volunteering in Vietnam and since then I have visited over 26 countries on nearly every continent. From planning my next trip abroad, to forging new relationships with companies across the globe, I am always working on a new project or offering advice to share with my readers. When I am not attached to my laptop I enjoy long hikes in the countryside, reading travel magazines, cooking pasta carbonara, and drinking wine. Possibly all at the same time. My blog focuses of everything from travel to food, and culture to adventure. You can also find me on InstagramTwitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

A weekend in London starts with afternoon tea and macarons at Harrods. Photo credit: Sophie's Suitcase
A weekend in London starts with afternoon tea and macarons at Harrods. (Photo credit: Sophie’s Suitcase)

3. What is one food tip you would give about London?

London is such a wonderful city for food and you can always find something extraordinary or even just traditional. Over the year I have had the chance to taste some amazing food and watched the food scene transform into an exciting mix of flavours, dishes, and cuisines. You can grab an incredible roast dinner at one of our thousands of pubs across the city and we also offer some of the world’s best afternoon tea packages. We like to do things well, and we certainly know how to provide great food!

4. What is one travel tip you would give about London?

Always steer from the tourist areas and head to the little streets. They have some of the most amazing traditional restaurants serving delicacies that you won’t find in the chain restaurants. You can find some great places to eat in Brixton, Shoreditch, and Wimbledon, all serving great food with a lovely atmosphere. Try Dog & Fox, Wimbledon for tasty roast dinners and The Joint in Brixton for next world burgers!

Bread at Borough Market is so fresh. For sandwichs and scones, Sketch in Mayfair is a must. (Photo credit: Sophie's Suitcase)
Bread at Borough Market is so fresh. For sandwichs and scones, Sketch in Mayfair is a must. (Photo credit: Sophie’s Suitcase)

5. What is the best thing to eat in London?

Afternoon Tea is not the same anywhere else in the world. I would recommend to enjoy it only in the UK, and London. My favourite place to indulge and stuff my face with sandwiches and scones is sketch in Mayfair, it may be expensive but they offer a unique experience; something you won’t find anywhere else.

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