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Global Brunch

1. Who are you?

I’m Maria Berz, a 26-year-old travel addict with an appetite for life, passion for international music, and love for global cuisine. I have just relocated to my home country Germany, after spending six years in the beautiful North of England. I’m the founder of Global Brunch, freelance digital expert, writer, hobby photographer, and radio host.  

2. What is your site about?

Global Brunch was born as a radio show, out of my love for international culture, and later transformed into a multimedia travel blog that follows my adventures around the world. Global Brunch is all about uncovering the secrets and traditions of international culture, with a portion of adventure and focus on some of the best urban gems and exploring the great outdoors. You can also find Global Brunch on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram 

Global Brunch is all about international culture and adventure. (photo credit: Maria Berz)
Global Brunch is all about international culture and adventure. (Photo Credit: Maria Berz)

3. What is one food tip you would give about Leeds?

In my six years in Leeds (England), I had the chance to taste some amazing food and I watched the food scene transform into an exciting mix of flavours, dishes, and cuisines. One thing Leeds is really good at is street food. You can see new food stalls popping up all the time, but my personal favourite is the Street Food Festival: Leeds Feast. The event was put on for the very first time in May this year and blew me away with exciting creations, international flavours, and a fantastic atmosphere. 

Leeds is a vibrant city with an exciting food scene. (Photo credit: Maria Berz)
Leeds is a vibrant city with an exciting food scene. (Photo Credit: Maria Berz)

4. What is one travel tip you would give about Leeds?

Leeds is a vibrant city with a modern atmosphere, surrounded by beautiful English countryside. My travel tip is to experience the best of both worlds. Spend a day hiking at the Cow and Calf in Ilkley, followed by a traditional pub lunch. Make your way back into the city and try some weird and wonderful cocktail creations at the Alchemist, before sampling the food Leeds has to offer.   

5. What is the best thing to eat in Leeds?

One of the nicest dishes I have had during my time in Leeds was, without a doubt, the Feijoada at Cabana, a Brazilian restaurant that celebrates everything that makes the country so special. Feijoada is an incredibly tasty black bean stew, with pulled pork, sausage, and rib meat, served with biro-biro rice.

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