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Sarah from Tales From A Fork

1. Who are you?

My name is Sarah Kim, a New Yorker living in Amsterdam with an insatiable appetite for eating and traveling. I started traveling the world when I was 17 years old. Before then, my life was a bit bleak. Both my parents had died of cancer by the time I was 10, and the grief from their loss tended to crowd my life. But once I started traveling, I opened my heart to the world and everything it has to offer. It’s been a beautiful journey since.

2. What is your site about?

I love to travel, but if there’s anything I’m better at than traveling, it’s eating. My blog combines the best of both worlds to help travelers find great places to eat while giving insight on off the beaten path type activities. As a New Yorker living in Amsterdam, I like to highlight local travel tips in both cities.

Ten Kate Market in Amsterdam is a great place to experience local dutch cuisine. (photo credit: Tales from a fork)
Ten Kate Market in Amsterdam is a great place to experience local dutch cuisine. (Photo Credit: Tales from a fork)

3. What is one food tip you would give about Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam, skip out on the touristy spots in center, and head to Ten Kate Market to get the best fries, hummus sandwich, spring rolls, and pastrami sandwich. The fries guy has the freshest fries I’ve eaten in Amsterdam, and for the hummus sandwich, it’s not advertised so you just have to ask for it! A fun fact about the Vietnamese spring roll lady, she’s been at the market for 35 years now! She’s got lots of street cred.

4. What is one travel tip you would give about New York?

In New York, when you feel like being a slow tourist taking in the sites, which is definitely ok too, stick to the right side of the streets and definitely stand on the right side of the escalator if you don’t plan on walking up them. Traffic rules also apply to pedestrians to help the city keep flowing! However, if you are taking your time on the streets and an angry New Yorker rushes past you in a fury, don’t take it personally. It happens.

Nothing beats vietnamese noodles! (photo credit: Tales from the fork)
Nothing beats Vietnamese noodles! (Photo Credit: Tales from the fork)

5. What is the best thing to eat in New York?

In New York, soup dumplings always pop out in my mind. Get the best ones at Hot Kitchen in East Village or Grand Sichuan in Chelsea. To properly eat a soup dumpling, place the dumpling in a spoon, poke a hole into it with a chopstick, add the vinegar soy sauce mix into the hole, and blow air into the dumpling to cool down the dumpling. Then once it’s cool, you can eat the dumpling in one bite (if you can— I never can) so you get a mix of the soup, meat and dumpling skin in one!

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