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1. Who are you?

I am Wesley Muchimwe – A British expat living in Spain, originally from Zimbabwe so really a citizen of the world. My life revolves around food and sharing food is a passion of mine. I love to see people enjoying what they eat, hence why I started blogging about food and restaurants in Madrid. Growing up, I always wanted to be a chef so being able to work with food is 50% of a dream come true.

2. What is your site ‘MuchBites’ about?

MuchBites is designed to help expats in and around Madrid to understand Spanish food culture. The site helps people find great food around the city because Madrid has a lot of restaurants and not all of them are great. So the premise is that MuchBites does the leg work so the reader doesn’t have to. Everything on MuchBites is guaranteed to be tried and tested and approved for posting. MuchBites tries to bring authentic Spanish cuisine while also bridging the gap in the search for international food typical of large cities like London and New York. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

These are very tasty patatas bravas - a typical Spanish dish - but the restaurant is not easy on the eye. (Photo credit: MuchBites)
These are very tasty patatas bravas – a typical Spanish dish – but the restaurant is not easy on the eye. (Photo Credit: MuchBites)

3. What is one food tip you would give about Madrid?

My biggest food tip for Madrid would be to not choose a restaurant based on its decoration. The trend in Madrid at the moment is to have beautifully decorated restaurants but most of the time the food served will not match the decor. So do your research and don’t make eating decisions on restaurant looks. You’ll find the best food is the most shabby looking places. Fact!

4. What is one travel tip you would give about Madrid?

A travel tip for Madrid would be to enjoy the best of the city, you must look at the big Instagram accounts of the city. These guys are up to date on the best restaurants and sights to see around town. Also, they provide you with daily updates of what is happening. So your visit will be very much like how a local would live.

Instagramers will help you find things like amazing ice cream on rooftops bars with stunning views of the city. (Photo credit: MuchBites)
Instagrammers will help you find things like amazing ice cream on rooftops bars with stunning views of the city. (Photo Credit: MuchBites)

5. What is the best thing to eat in Madrid?

That is a tough question. But I would say the best thing to eat in Madrid would be a cocido madrileno which is basically a chickpea stew with an assortment of meats and vegetables. Very delicious in the winter months!

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