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Daphne from Girlswanderlust

1. Who are you?

My name is Daphne van der Pol and I am the co-founder and one of the authors of Girlswanderlust. Ever since I was a little girl I have been deeply passionate about travelling. I’ve spent most of my life fighting an incurable case of wanderlust. I always dreamed about becoming a stewardess and studied the past four years ‘International Tourism Management’ in the Netherlands. When I was 16 years old I ventured off on my first trip overseas. I headed to Africa to do voluntary work and that trip changed my life. I was fully immersed in the culture, language, customs, and beautiful nature of South Africa. From that moment on, I was addicted to travel.

2. What is your blog ‘Girlswanderlust’ about?

Girlswanderlust is a blog mainly about travelling, unique destinations, backpacking, travel essentials, food hot spots, and other inspiration travel subjects. Via our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, we try to give useful travel information and encourage people to travel.

3. What is one food tip you would give about Bali?

Try the most traditional and local dish of Bali: Babi Guling. It is one of Bali’s most famous and important dish. The whole hog will be barbecued and served to eat. The babi guling can be found at many warung and restaurants who are specialising in this dish. Most of the time, the babi guling is served with steamed rice and lawar (finely chopped combinations of various ingredients, usually containing fine chopped meat, vegetables, grated coconut, and spices). The skin of the pig looks crisp brown and the meat has a tender and juicy taste. It is not my most favourite and delicious dish I know from Bali, but definitely the number one dish which you should try in Bali.

Babi Guling and Nasi Campur are local dishes you surely want to taste while in Bali. (Photo Credit: Daphne from Girlswanderlust)
Babi Guling and Nasi Campur are local dishes you surely want to taste while in Bali. (Photo Credit: Daphne from Girlswanderlust)

4. What is one travel tip you would give about Bali?

After living for seven months in Bali, it is hard to mention just one sight of the thousands sights I have seen, which you should definitely visit. I think the Mount Batur sunrise trekking was the best thing I did. You will start hiking the active volcano in the middle of the night in order to watch the sunrise at a height of 1717 meters. Meanwhile you can prepare your breakfast and cup of tea on the hot steam coming out of the volcano. After the hike down, you can relax in one of the many natural hot springs which are located around the volcano.

Mount Batur Sunrise trekking is an incredible experience. (Photo credit: Daphne from Girlswanderlust)
Mount Batur Sunrise trekking is an incredible experience. (Photo Credit: Daphne from Girlswanderlust)

5. What is the best thing to eat in Bali?

During my stay at Bali, I tried many local and Asian meals and did various Balinese cooking classes. The assortment of the dishes of Bali is great. The Balinese people really know how to cook. They have a wide collection of main courses, but also know how to satisfy your sweet tooth, because they have plenty of delicious snacks, cakes, and desserts. My favourite meal is Nasi Campur. This dish consists of white rice and many different elements of local Balinese delights. This meal is very varied and you will never get bored eating this. You can buy take away packages, but there are also plenty of warung who offer all the different elements and you can choose your own nasi campur. You pick which sides you want. You can create vegetable nasi campur, with fish or with meat. I always really liked this meal, because you can choose the Balinese delights you like the most.

Taking a Balinese cooking class will give you an insider look into the incredibly varied balinese cuisine. (Photo credit: Daphne from Girlswanderlust)
Taking a Balinese cooking class will give you an insider look into the incredibly varied Balinese cuisine. (Photo Credit: Daphne from Girlswanderlust)

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