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Aryane Héroux-Blais

1. Who are you?

I’m Aryane, a simple girl from Québec. My boyfriend (recently turned fiancé) and I moved to northern Germany a year ago after he had an epiphany during our first trip to Europe together. So we quit our jobs as translators and left Montreal behind to come live in Hanover and travel around Europe. Maple syrup still runs through my veins though and there’s no way I’m giving up my morning crêpes for Brötchen!

2. What is your site about?

As the name Valises & Gourmandises suggests, the blog focuses on both tales of my travels as well as my favorite recipes. I’ve been vegetarian for almost two years now and made the switch to a mostly whole foods plant-based diet at the beginning of 2015. I try to share my passion for travelling and cooking in hope of inspiring people to step out of their comfort zone by travelling more and by eating healthier and in a more compassionate way. It was important to me that my friends and family in Québec, as well my friends all over the globe, be able to read the blog, so since I’m a translator, I decided to write everything in both English and French. It’s hard work but definitely worth it. Beside the webpage, I’m also active on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

The New City Hall and Old Town are emblematic of Hanover. Photo credit: Aryane Héroux-Blais
The New City Hall and Old Town are emblematic of Hanover. (Photo Credit: Aryane Héroux-Blais)

3. What is one food tip you would give about Hanover?

I love going out on the Limmerstraße in the more alternative part of town. There’s a lot of fruit markets and tiny restaurants that offer affordable food, most of which have some pretty scrumptious vegan options too! There’s actually a very nice array of veg-friendly cafés and restaurants scattered throughout the city. Some of my favorites include Carrots & Coffee, Mezzo, Crêperie Lamara and Café Bohne, but you can find them all on Happy Cow.

4. What is one travel tip you would give about Hanover?

Hanover is a very walkable city with beautiful parks and thriving neighbourhoods like Limmer, Linden, and Lister Meile. Getting a map at the Tourist Info Center and walking the red line is also a nice introduction to the city. The red line guides you through the main sightseeing attractions in the city center such as the Rathaus and the Old Town.

And since the Holiday season has just started, we also have a very large Weihnachtsmarkt, or Christmas market, with an impressive medieval section as well as a Finnish village on top of the traditional stands! See you there!

Limmerstrasse is one of the most popular street for authentic food. (Photo Credit: Aryane Héroux-Blais)
Limmerstrasse is one of the most popular street for authentic food. (Photo Credit: Aryane Héroux-Blais)

5. What is the best thing to eat in Hanover?

There are a few northern specialties of course, like Milchreis mit Rote Grütze, a rice pudding with a berry compote, or the traditional Hanoverian shot, Lüttje Lage, which is quite a test of coordination and agility. I’m speaking from experience.

However, in my humble opinion, the best thing to eat in the city is an authentic Italian pizza at Francesca e Fratelli! The staff is super friendly and the food reminds us of our amazing trip to Italy. They have three locations in Limmer, Linden, and in the Old Town, so you can’t miss them. We love it so much that my boyfriend even proposed to me there!

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