The burger has got to be the classic fast food. It is too common. It is everywhere. But it is not showing any signs of being phased out for lack of patrons or for losing its appeal. If anything, it continues to keep everyone talking. People just never seem to run out of ideas to spice it up. Every now and then, new twists become available in the market that ignite a whole new love affair with this bun and meat combo.

Slater’s 50/50, a restaurant founded in Anaheim Hills, California, is one of the many players in the burger industry who has been causing a buzz since its opening in 2009. It all started when they offered the 50/50 patty. The world has been used to 100 percent ground beef patty with their burgers. But Scott Slater and Executive Chef Brad Lyons had something else in mind-50 percent ground beef and 50 percent ground bacon. And as they say, the rest is history.

The Roo Burger may have only been for September but each month brings a surprise at Slater's 50/50. (Photo Credit: Slater's 50/50)
The Roo Burger may have only been for September but each month brings a surprise at Slater’s 50/50. (Photo Credit: Slater’s 50/50)

Five more branches (Huntington Beach, Lake Forest, Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga, and San Diego) later, and Slater’s 50/50 is still at the top of their game. Recently, they again caused a stir with their creation of the ‘Roo burger. A perfect blend of ground kangaroo and ground bacon on a bed of mixed green vegetables and radish slices topped with thick cut bacon, huckleberry ketchup, melted brie, and crushed macadamia ricotta. All that delicious goodness in between a honey wheat bun. Sounds appetizing enough? It would tempt you even further to know that the tasty kangaroo meat is low in fat, a good news for the health-conscious out there.

We hate to break it to you, though, but the ‘Roo Burger was only available for the month of September. Don’t fret, however. Slater’s 50/50 features a special burger each month – November, for example, is the Thanksgiving Burger. So stay up -to-date by checking their website.

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