“Food Tourism is a 150 billion dollar global industry.”

– The World Food Travel Association

Now more than ever, travellers are in search of unique food and drink experiences. And while destinations have answered by offering wine tours, cooking classes, and food tours, there comes a point when the original purpose – to combine culinary and culture via unique, authentic, and learning opportunities – gets lost.

We decided to change that.

Travel Gluttons was created to help hungry travellers find good local food and understand how to eat it. And we would love to add your destination to the mix via one of the methods below.

Travel & Food Content

Features | Articles that mix the elements of food and travel together easily. Feature articles also include a sidebar of service information.

Interviews | Questions and answers with chefs, restaurant owners, food stall owners, local farmers, and other food industry members who are able to give a unique perspective to a food topic.

On the Move | Articles that cover the food options on different modes of transportation – everything from a small rail journey, a flight review, road trips, and cruises.

City Guides | Our city guides feature one location and give reasons why to visit, details on the best time to visit, and information on how to get there. A further three sections provide information on what to see and do, where to eat, and accommodation options.

Events & Festivals | An inviting overview of a food and travel event or festival.

Food Postcards | A visually inviting photograph of produce at a market, a specific dish, or an appealing ingredient, together with a short description.

How to Eat | Articles that demystify the art of eating or drinking something unusual or tricky.

Reviews | A review of a restaurant, cookbook, travel book, app, kitchen appliance, etc, and always including a travel element.

(Social) Media Coverage

Travel Gluttons is present on the big five social media channels (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+), where we share destinations and food that our audience love. Contact us if your destination is not yet featured or you would like to discuss including more specialised content.

Event Promotion

Ticket giveaways, event coverage, live social media updates, advertisements – we can help you promote your food and travel event to our community of food-loving travellers.

Tell your story through food!

You can reach us at info [at] travelgluttons [dot] com.

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