The neighbourhood of Spandauer Vorstadt, located in the district of Berlin-Mitte, has long been a centre of interest in a city with such an extensive history. It is home to various galleries, trendy shops, and many historical points of interest.

The New Synagogue, a richly ornamented architectural wonder, can be found on the Oranienburger Straße and just down the street, the Old Post Office is the former home of C/O Berlin, an exhibition space for photography re-opening in Berlin-Charlottenburg later this year.

Spandauer Vorstadt is also dotted with inviting restaurants and cafés; you will be spoiled for choice as you wander along the streets. Some eateries are so enticing that they seem to call your name, beckoning you inside to sample from their mouth-watering menus. That is how I ended up at RisOtto.

Your risotto will no doubt taste as good as it looks. (Photo Credit: RisOtto)

While walking along the northern fringe of the neighbourhood, I was initially drawn in by the name. I love risotto, and it seems owner Karsten Greve loves it too, since he created an entire restaurant based on this creamy, Italian rice dish. That’s right, it’s a restaurant that with the exception of side salads, drinks, and desserts, serves only risotto.

My initial surprise quickly turned to delight as I browsed the menu and selected a fruits de mer risotto, part of the weekly selection. The menu changes every week at RisOtto, constantly providing you with fresh reasons to return.

As my dining companion and I took our seats at the back of the restaurant we admired the functionality and brilliant simplicity of the space. The high tables are wood-block, a rustic element that contrasts nicely with the use of steel and the stark black and white of the interior design. A bench runs the length of RisOtto, lining one side of all tables, and allows for a more relaxed and intimate seating arrangement, particularly if you’re seated in the back corner.

RisOtto interior
RisOtto is the perfect place to enjoy a casual dinner with friends. (Photo Credit: RisOtto)

And then there is the food; the risotto to be more specific. It was brought to our table with a smile and it certainly didn’t last for long in my bowl. It was creamy, well-seasoned, and the fruits de mer with a hint a lemon made my taste buds dance. I found myself desperately wishing it wasn’t my last night in Berlin so that I could return the next day to try a different bowl, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

However, I do have RisOtto to look forward to next time, and that’s comforting indeed.

What You Need to Know

Address: Friedrichstraße 115, 10117, Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 173 7171626


Opening Times

Monday to Friday (11am – 10pm)

Saturday (12pm – 6pm)

Sunday (12pm – 5pm)

Keep in mind that the kitchen closes a half hour before the restaurant closing time.

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