Restaurant Milu exterior with a comfortable all year round heated terrace
Restaurant Milu’s exterior with a comfortable all year round heated terrace. (Photo Credit: Charlie Taylor)

Industrial chic interior and a menu to match, this is a different concept in dining. One, which I think you will enjoy enough to return to time and time again. So head down to Restaurant Milu, where sharing is a must and is the concept of dining here.

Situated in the trendy Hofkwartier, Restaurant Milu, with an all year round heated terrace, and modern, industrial chic interior caters for every taste, and event. With a private room for hire on the first floor you can host reception, parties, and other functions.

I have visited Restaurant Milu on several occasions, always looking for an excuse to go back, and have always had a great experience. Intimate, spacious, wooden booths arranged around the edge of the restaurant, with space for larger gatherings in the centre. Low orange lighting provides a warm feel to the interior, the inventive partitions created out of used wine bottles in this vibrant, bustling eatery will guarantee something of a different way of dining.

Restaurant Milu's Inventive partitions made from used wine bottles
Inventive partitions made from used wine bottles. (Photo Credit: Charlie Taylor)

If you are first time diner here then fear not, the accommodating and friendly staff will explain to you the concept of dining at Restaurant Milu and are on hand to offer advice if needed. Several tap beers, a good wine list, and a varied cocktail menu. So, you may be asking yourself, what is the concept of dining here? Simple really, each dish is meant for sharing, the idea being you order four or five small dishes to share with your dining companion. If you find, once you have eaten your choice of sharing plates, you have an appetite for more, you can always order additional plates. So no excuses for not sharing!

I went last Thursday with a friend of mine, who had to endure waiting to eat the delicious food, whilst I took photographs! Still they say, good things come to those who wait, and they certainly did.

Fish and Chips Restaurant Milu style
Fish and Chips Restaurant Milu style. (Photo Credit: Charlie Taylor)

We chose a selection of 6 dishes; Crispy prawn sushi, Shrimp Taco’s, Mussels with Creme Fraiche, Beef Teriyaki with Chinese Pancakes, Duck Spring Rolls, Fish and Chips. The dishes are served on rustic breadboards, slate tiles, or anything that doesn’t resemble a plate. The food is served in courses, in this case, three. The sushi was creamy and bursting with different flavours giving way to a cooked, slightly crunchy prawn in the centre, fresh and spicy prawn taco’s livened up the palate waiting for the next course. Mussels with creme fraiche, with a slighty creamy, sweet sauce were divine and the tasty teriyaki beef accompanied with a sweet sticky sauce, a perfect pairing. At this point in the meal, I started to wonder if I could eat any more. We were then asked if we wanted to wait a while for the next course, what a great idea! It worked, after 15 minutes I couldn’t wait to try the rest of our choices, the fish was light, flaky, moist, and crunchy with curly fries — I have a thing about shaped food, makes it taste better. Duck spring rolls the finale and in no way a disappointment, sweet, savoury, crunchy, and fresh, all at the same time. Now I was seriously full, but in a nice way, having grazed my way through a delectable selection of different dishes, I was complete. Accompanied by a lovely smooth and light Pinot Noir.

Restaurant Milu Mussels, the aftermath
The mussels were so good there was no time for photographing them complete. (Photo Credit: Charlie Taylor)

Restaurant Milu caters not only for every palate but also budgets. On Monday and Tuesday evening you can enjoy a fixed menu, Wednesday is cocktail night, with several weekly specials also to complement the already extensive menu. English is widely spoken by the staff and you can request an English menu should you not speak or read Dutch.

I was thankful for my bike-ride home that evening — after such a delicious meal, to work off some of the food I had eaten. But, with so many tempting choices, it really is hard to limit yourself.

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