The small town of Prince Albert, South Africa, comes alive during the annual Prince Albert Town and Olive Festival, held from April 25th to 27th. The star of the show, the olive, is supported throughout the festival by other local and organic produce, as well as fine South African wines.

Olives are the star of the show at the Prince Albert Town and Olive Festival.

” That long-awaited time of year is almost upon us when Prince Albert opens its doors and heart for you to come and discover the secrets, and revel in the warm hospitality of this beautiful Karoo town. The Great Karoo inspires the great creative spirit in all of us, surrounded by natural majesty and rural serenity, it is here that history is preserved with care and diverse cultures are embraced and celebrated. This is the heart of the Karoo – this is Prince Albert.

Join us in Prince Albert for feast and festivity; enjoy the games and activities, a town meander to take in the arts, crafts, unusual shops and amazing collections. Unique architecture, art and music, art galleries, gardens, food and music all tell their own tales and ghosts and ancient history reveal themselves once more.

Local storytellers will entertain you with tales, fables and legends from yesteryear and join our experts on historical, archaeological and botanical tours in this natural wonderland. Enjoy movies and Children’s Theatre, flower displays, fire-dancers and our very own Miss & Master Olive pageant.

Get in the groove with steel bands, folk music and good old rock ‘n roll to keep the feet from being idle and feel the goose bumps as your feet vibrate with the throb of the Harleys as they cruise down the road. Show off your moves with street chess and test you mettle in the strongman competition or aspire to becoming olive pip-spitting champion of the Great Karoo.

Of course the Karoo night skies are a wonder that cannot be missed. In this clear Karoo air the stars literally reach out and touch your eyes, so go on a stargazing tour with local experts or just stand and marvel on your own while you sip a glass of wine.

Local food and wine is always the star – bountiful produce, organic vegetables, olives and olive oil, legendary Karoo lamb and an abundance of fresh and dried fruit to get your taste buds on a roll. Visit local wineries, including the second smallest registered wine estate in South Africa, enjoy a tour of the dairy where award winning Guernsey cheeses are crafted by hand.

Stress is not an option here, relax, sit back and let the flood of peace and tranquillity envelop you and wash away the city from your mind. Do not miss this opportunity to experience true Prince Albert magic. “

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