The sun will be shining on one of the Netherlands’ premier food festivals, Preuvenemint, this weekend in the city of Maastricht. The Vrijthof, a beautiful city centre square paved with old cobblestones, bordered by trees, and dominated at one end by the St. Servatius Basilica  will from August 22nd to August 25th be transformed into a tasting utopia.

Preuvenemint in Maastricht is a place where guests can taste the good things in life.
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“From Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 August 2013, Maastricht – the gastronomic capital of the Netherlands – will be teeming with gastronomes again. For the 32nd time, the Vrijthof square will be transformed into the Netherlands’ largest open-air restaurant. The Preuvenemint is traditionally held in Maastricht in the last week of August. The name Preuvenemint is a combination of the Maastricht words “preuve” (taste) and “evenemint” (event). The Preuvenemint is thus an event at which guests can taste the good things in life.

During the Preuvenemint, approximately 40 stands (representing restaurants, caterers and third parties) offer guests the opportunity to taste a wide range of different products. These include everyday food products such as satay and French bread as well as a wonderful array of exclusive dishes such as turbot, lobster and exotic delicacies. Wonderful wines and expertly drawn beer are also served. There is also a varied musical programme to be enjoyed.

Entrance to the Preuvenemint is free. The so-called “preuvenelap” (tasting voucher) is the only form of payment at the Preuvenemint. These vouchers can be used to buy dishes from the stands of the participating restaurants, with costs ranging from a single voucher to several vouchers. Beer, soft drinks and wine can also be purchased using the vouchers. Beer and soft drinks cost one voucher per glass. Every restaurant offers at least one dish for two vouchers or less: exquisite delicacies naturally cost more. These special Preuvenemint vouchers can be purchased from the special sales points on the Vrijthof square. Every year, the proceeds of the Preuvenemint are donated to a number of good causes, ranging from social projects to cultural organisations.

The 2013 edition of the Preuvenemint will focus on Maastricht on its quest to becoming European Capital of Culture 2018.”

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