If ever you’re longing for the taste of candy from years gone by, there’s a tiny shop in Delft, the Netherlands, which can satisfy your sweet tooth and allow you to indulge your nostalgia.

Pretty pink pear drops in a paper bag
The pink pear drops entice you to pluck one from the bag. (Photo Credit: Tanya Braaksma)

Located in Delft’s historical city centre, Winkeltje Kouwenhoven has an interesting past. Now situated on the charming Sint Agathaplein, it has been serving traditional Dutch candy since the early 1930s. Watching your sweets being measured from gleaming glass jars into paper bags held on an antique scale is like stepping back in time. It takes you back to a time when a small bag cost ten cents and schoolchildren from all over Delft came to spend their pocket money on paper bags bulging with sweets, including pretty pink pear drops.

Shaped like small pears and dusted with a fine coating of sugar, these hard pear drops are the epitome of old-fashioned candy. Their sweetness rolls over your tongue as you work to finish each pear, either by allowing it to melt in your mouth or by crunching it, already impatient for the next one.

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