The maritime province of Nova Scotia may not be on the top of most to-do and to-see lists when one travels to Canada, but after a recent report in the Toronto Star, it should be.

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia offers something for all of your senses

Fresh, local ingredients and great food are a way of life for most Nova Scotians. It is a province where farmers markets aren’t just reserved as trendy weekend activities, but are a part of daily life in local communities. Local producers man tables stacked with their own fresh produce, cheese, and meat, eager to share their bounty with the community. These top-quality raw ingredients also appear on restaurant tables from north to south, giving travellers to Nova Scotia the opportunity to experience a taste of the province.

If you’re starting your Nova Scotia adventure in the capital city of Halifax, then be sure to pop into Seaport Farmers Market. With over 250 vendors, it will open your eyes to what’s on offer, and you’ll no doubt leave with some local, organic, and delicious delights.

In addition to the farmers market, Halifax offers a wide range of dining opportunities, most of which make use of the abundance of locally sourced ingredients.

For those interested in spreading their wings beyond the capital, Nova Scotia is much more than just Halifax. Located along the Bay of Fundy, the Annapolis Valley is home to the town of Wolfville and its two award-winning wineries and their excellent restaurants. A sunny day can also be well spent by stopping at the many ‘U-pick’ farms along the way and collecting small baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables to be used in an afternoon picnic.

Lunenburg, a charming fishing town, is also well worth a visit. There you can indulge in locally brewed spirits, fresh seafood chowder, and fishcakes.

So how about adding Nova Scotia to the top of your to-do list?

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