Eat, drink, and be merry at the New Zealand Beer Festival on March 15th. Held at the Cloud, Queens Wharf in Auckland, a handy guide has been prepared to match all styles of beer with a food item, allowing you to maximise your flavour experience.

beer tap
Sit back and enjoy Auckland with a freshly pulled beer.

“The Legend

February 2006, Andrew and Dave sat at the beach in Hahei enjoying another magic Kiwi summer. They realised that returning to Auckland meant a return to the working year. The outlook was bleak, lifeless, limp, boring, grey, blue and bland, all at the same time. “I need something to cheer me up,” said Dave. Andrew passed him a beer. Long white clouds parted and the sun appeared. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” said a voice from nowhere.

After a few more, Dave slipped into a peaceful coma and dreamt of a day where people celebrated Beer, and Beer was recognised for the cheer it gave them. There were beautiful girls, the best Kiwi music, trees, a selection of food and every type of beer under the sun.

In the morning Dave woke up, dusted off the sand and noticed small children playing nearby. “Don’t look at the man,” said their mother, marvelling at Dave’s svelte physique. He stumbled back to the bach to find Andrew madly scribbling plans marked “Secret”, “Confidential” and “Brilliant!”. Dave had unknowingly described his dreams to Andrew, who turned the heaven-sent vision into a sound business and marketing plan.

True story! May there be many more like it.”

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