Dateless and alone in Japan? Don’t fret because the Moomin family is coming to your rescue!

The who?

Let’s just say this Land of the Rising Sun always has a little surprise under its sleeves for its awed visitors. If you’ve walked the streets of Osaka or explored the temples of Kyoto, you’d know why Japan is such a unique place to visit. Here, modernity and history blend so perfectly, an accomplishment that the Japanese people nurture with profound seriousness.

But there’s one other thing Japanese folk take seriously – their favourite cartoons! Remember Hello Kitty and Voltes V? Well, today, they have the Moomins.

Moomin Cafe
No need to be lonely, a Moomin can keep you company. (Photo Credit: Moomin Bakery & Cafe, Fukuoka by Flickr user mdid)

Unique Dining Experience

The Moomins are cartoon characters from Scandinavia that have invaded Sanrio’s turf and are taking Japan’s entertainment scene by storm.  In fact, Moomins have become so popular they’ve crossed over to the culinary scene via the Moomin Café chain of restaurants.

Curiously, it seems the Moomins have made their Japanese fans a little more sentimental about sharing and togetherness.  So they built the Anti-Forever Alone chain of restaurants. In the Moomin Café chain, you’ll not only be treated with a pleasurable meal, you’ll be welcomed like you’re a long lost family member.

And if you’re a lone diner, ho-hey, either Moomintroll and his girlfriend Snork Maiden, Moominpapa or Moominmama, will be there to sit with you and keep you company.

And while they’re keeping you company, you’ll be additionally surprised with the great food they serve on Moomin-designed cutlery – Karaage with rice shaped like Moomintroll , a bowl of delicious ramen and a glass of Maccha-Latte.

Where to Find the Moomins

If you’re visiting Japan only for a short time and wants to try this unique Moomin dining experience, there might just be a Moomin Café near where you’re staying. That’s because six restaurants have sprouted all around Japan, each having their own set of cute and cuddly Moomin characters. Tokyo’s Dome City is building two more aside from the one at La Qua. And there’s one at the Solamachi entertainment complex down Tokyo Skytree. In Fukuoka, you’ll find it at the Canal City.

So if you ever find yourself lost and lonely in Japan, run to the Moomins Cafe, where every day is happy Moomin day!

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