Mont Rochelle, a retreat in the middle of a vineyard in South Africa, is set to re-open in August. The wine estate and 22-bedroom luxurious hotel is on top of a hill that is about an hour’s drive away from Cape Town. This property, that dates back to 1688, is in the process of being purchased by Sir Richard Branson. And he couldn’t be more excited about the newest addition to his Virgin Limited Edition collection of extraordinary accommodations around the world.

In a press release, he said, “I’m thrilled to be able to announce that we are in the process of purchasing Mont Rochelle and what I’m sure will be a ‘must visit’ winelands experience in South Africa and a fantastic addition to the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio.”

Mont Rochelle is a hotel and vineyard in South Africa's famous wine region. (Photo Credit: Mont Rochelle Cellar by Flickr user jomilo75)
Mont Rochelle is a hotel and vineyard in South Africa’s famous wine region. (Photo Credit: Mont Rochelle Cellar by Flickr user jomilo75)

The 40-hectare property was previously purchased by the late South African businessman Miko Rwayitare in 2001. According to his family member, “We are proud to confirm the imminent sale of Mont Rochelle hotel and Mountain Vineyard. It is with warmth that Sir Richard Branson is welcomed as the new owner of this gem in the crown of Franschhoek. With both his and Virgin Limited Edition’s ambitious plans for the future of Mont Rochelle, the family of the late Miko Rwayitare is certain that Miko’s vision of creating a small slice of heaven on earth will be realised.”

Mont Rochelle is located in Franschhoek. A Dutch word which means “French Corner”, Franschhoek is a small, old town in Western Cape province that is known as the food and wine capital of South Africa. It boasts of outstanding natural scenery, numerous boutique hotels, vineyards that offer great wine selections, and must-try restaurants like The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français. This restaurant recently made it to the prestigious list of Restaurant Magazine World’s 100 Best Restaurants.

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