Do you love ice cream? We bet you do.

Now imagine this: two pints of uniquely-flavored ice cream, freshly made from scratch and sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients, hand-packed, and personally delivered to your doorstep by a milkmaid.

You’re probably thinking that sounds too good to be true in this day and age. But, no. There is indeed such a thing. Diana Hardeman, founder of MilkMade Ice Cream, thought of making her own versions of the frozen dessert when she felt store-bought ice cream started to become more of a disappointment – due to deteriorating quality – than a treat. Her concoctions were such a hit among friends and family that she later decided to turn the initiative into a monthly “subscription-based ice cream delivery service”.

Diana Hardeman
Diana Hardeman and her pint of MilkMade Ice Cream. (Photo Credit: MilkMade Ice Cream)

Diana used to do the delivery herself around the East Village of New York City, where the first members lived or worked. Now she gets help from her MilkMaids and has since expanded their services to a growing membership all over New York City. For 30 US Dollars (USD) per month, members receive two pints of craft ice cream, a description card of the flavors, and collector’s magnets.

We thought coming up with unique flavors must be a challenge considering Diana plans not to repeat the flavors. So we asked her where she gets the inspiration and she responded:

“Flavour inspiration is everywhere – whenever I eat anything I wonder can I turn this into ice cream (like our Brie Mine flavour). Or it’s a classic dessert reinvented (like our German Chocolate Cake flavour). It’s inspiration while perusing the Union Square Greenmarket (Rhubarb flavour). Or it’s meeting a new local food maker who is cool and with whom we want to partner (Grady’s Manhattan flavour). Or a song lyric, created in ice cream form (Eight Foot Crunch). Or a genre on songs, like our Punk Rock Summer in July of 2012 (White Light/White Heat, Rumble in Brighton, and Rockaway Road flavours).”

Did You Know? In 1626, the Dutch purchased Manhattan Island from the Lenape Native Americans for 60 guilders (about $1000).The English conquered the city from the Dutch in 1664, and “New Amsterdam” became “New York.”

Don’t be too sad if you are not in New York to try the MilkMade Ice Cream. Diana says their goal is to, “get more delicious ice cream to more awesome people. Our plan is to deliberately grow, continuing to craft up the most unique flavors, partnering with local producers in each region, and sharing more of our ‘scream with more ice cream lovers everywhere.”

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