Canada is already well-established as a bacon nation but one sports bar in Vancouver, not satisfied with that national accolade, is taking something else Canadian a giant step further. Enter Score on Davie’s Caesar Madness, deliciously wicked interpretations of the classic Caesar cocktail.

The Checkmate is the mother of all Caesars. (Photo Credit: Score on Davie)

While the rest of the world may know them as Bloody Marys, Canadian Caesars were invented in Calgary in 1969 and have a secret ingredient that set them apart – Clamato juice. It is tomato juice with the added twist of spices and clam broth and it gives these cocktails an honorary “Made in Canada” seal of approval.

Score on Davie ups the ante even further by adding as a garnish, in the case of their Checkmate Caesar, “a roasted chicken, a Score burger, a pulled pork sriracha glazed slider, onion rings, chicken wings, a pulled pork mac and cheese hotdog, and a brownie for dessert.” Yes, you read that correctly. They serve a hungry man’s meal for two perfectly balanced on top of a Caesar.

Impossible, you say? The Checkmate is held together with a few strategically placed skewers and owner Jesse Ritchie says that with a whole roast chicken anchoring it, it’s actually not that difficult to deconstruct. Since its creation, the staff at Score on Davie haven’t seen one topple over.

Did You Know? At the heart of Davie Village, at the corner of Davie and Bute Street is Canada’s first and only permanent rainbow crosswalk. It was painted and unveiled for the 2013 Vancouver Pride celebrations, and remains a unique and useful attraction in our community. At the same corner there are also rainbow-colored picnic tables installed as a place for residents to relax and enjoy the view. –

So popular are the Caesars at Score on Davie that demand for these creative cocktails has created two new full time jobs at the bar. One person is solely responsible for making the Caesars and another for garnishing them. They are both masters at their craft.

But what is the most popular Caesar at Score on Davie? Jesse says it’s one of their new additions – the Grilled Chaesar. It is what it sounds like. A double Caesar garnished with a grilled cheese sandwich, a deep fried pickle, and onion rings.

The next time you are in Vancouver, you know where to go for the best Caesars in town.

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