Trick Dog just never runs out of tricks. This multi-awarded cocktail bar down on 20th Street has come up with another amusing attraction – a menu that features the city map of San Francisco.

The owners of Trick Dog, and its surrogate parent The Bon Vivant, are once again revving up its one-of-a-kind, meticulously crafted interactive cocktail menu which they change every six months just to keep their loyal customers and themselves miles away from boredom.  It’s a Tourist Menu that allows SF newbies to have a glimpse of where to go and what to expect in the financial and architectural center of the state of California.

San Francisco is dotted with hills. Twin Peaks form the city’s highest point and is popular with photographers for taking an overlooking shot of the entire Bay Area.

The menu features famous SF landmarks, each of which has an equivalent cocktail drink. So when you point to the Cliff House at the western side of San Francisco, the bartender will quickly and efficiently spin up a mix of Tequila Ocho plata, chamomile wine, Velvet Falernum and chocolate.  Or if you prefer swirling through Lombard Street, it will be the Pierde Almas mescal, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, manzanilla sherry, pineapple, cucumber and lime cocktail that will take you there. Now becoming popular among Trick Dog’s less sober clients is the Alcatraz which, unlike the real island prison, is a captivating drink of Four Roses bourbon, apple, lavender, kombu and horseradish.

Trick Dog Menu
Seeing the sites of San Francisco are now even tastier. (Photo Credit: Trick Dog Bar)

Before you get engrossed with the map menu, try to look over and see more tricks under Trick Dog’s sleeves. The bar is serving for the first time their homemade versions of Fireball and Rumple Minze at 5 US Dollars (USD) each. Other ‘shots’ you wouldn’t want to miss are the Blindwinder and the Chilechoke.

And just to prevent their guests from literally taking home their menu as souvenirs, Trick Dog will be offering handcrafted collectible free postcards for guests who order from their SF Tourist Menu. The postcards feature the 13 San Francisco landmarks on the menu and you can snail mail one postcard to a loved with the postage charged to the bar. Just choose one, fill it out and drop in the box placed near the door.

Tip: Trick Dog also serves to-die-for meals and appetizers.

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