Nothing says summer quite like wine and food festival season. The Kuopio Wine Festival in Kuopio, Finland, however, offer their food and drink with an organic twist. From June 28th until July 6th, organic wine and food, all produced based on the principles of health, ecology, fairness, and caring, will be served in the Wine Village at the picturesque Kuopio harbour.

Kuopio Wine Festival
They keyword at this year’s Kuopio Wine Festival is ‘organic’.
(Photo Credit: Kuopio Wine Festival)

“This summer, the wine village at Kuopio’s Passenger Harbour fills your glasses with the much-asked about, much-expected, very topical ORGANIC PRODUCTS! The wine festival visitors will be offered organically produced wines from a total of six European wine producer countries: Spain, Italy, Austria, France, Germany, and Turkey.

The food menu of the Wine Village focuses on purity, natural ingredients, and local food. Although the delicacies do include features from the cuisine of the wine producer countries, the ingredients are selected as far as possible from the producers in the nearby areas.

Groups can reserve one of the Wine Huts in the Wine Village VIP area, with food and beverage served. If you wish to enjoy the festival as an individual, couple or small group, you can make a table reservation in our restaurant tent, which seats 250 people – and watch the evening’s musical performances on the big screen. The Wine Village Takeaway and Grill sell dishes and snacks to be enjoyed in the festival area.”

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