A little cheese to go with that wine. (Photo Credit: Lay kuen Yee)
A little cheese to go with that wine. (Photo Credit: Lay kuen Yee)

Let’s be real. We all think of cheese (and maybe some other legal substance) when we think of the Netherlands. However, when someone mentions the city ‘Gouda‘ we definitely have only one thought in our heads. So how could I go to this lovely little city and not give ‘Koeien en Kaas‘ a try?

Koeien en Kaas

The name of the restaurant means Cow & Cheese in Dutch. It basically took these two main Dutch stereotypes and created a whole menu around it — and did a rather good job, if I might add. At first I was a little hesitant to try this out as I thought I might not have many food options when it came to the menu. And granted, the menu does consist of mainly meat while the rest of the menu involves delicious cheese choices.  So, if you are a vegan – I’m sorry to say, don’t bother popping by.

Location & Menu

Let’s start of with reviewing the basics. Location was great (to be more specific it’s Achter de Waag 20), very easy to reach and in walking distance from Gouda station. It takes about ten-minutes walking  and it’s close to the famous square, just be careful not to overlook the restaurant as it sits in one of the smaller streets of the square. When I arrived I immediately fell in love with the building. I entered and was brought upstairs where we walked up to enter the attic section of the restaurant. It reminded me of that episode of Chef’s Table with Fäviken in Sweden, of course a little less personal and a lot more affordable.

Speaking of affordable, the prices of the menu are reasonable and you are pretty stuffed by the time you finish the main course. The menu consists of various selections of cheese and meat with your aperitif, starter choices such as meat delicacies and Gouda cheese soup were also an option. Another thing I have to mention that I found awesome from the restaurant was the option for a fondue dinner. So as you can see the menu of Koeien en Kaas really went for their namesake. On our table we choose to go for the cheeseburger (literally a block of breaded and fried cheese) served with french fries and homemade coleslaw, and the special of the day – a ‘Black Bastard Burger’ consisting of 200 grams of cow meat, parma ham, tomato sauce, and a Black Bun that has been dipped in Bamboo essence.

koeien en kaas 2
A meat head, sweet tooth and cheesy mouth heaven. (Photo Credit : Lay kuen Yee)

Of course I couldn’t leave without looking at the dessert card. My eye and my belly initially were aiming for the dessert fondue (yes, there are great things in life such as this) but after the main course I was too full to even consider the option. I went with second best but no less sugary than the first – a Goudse Stroopwafel Trifle. A trifle made out of caramel waffles and cream which I think says enough.

Furthermore, the staff were kind and always had more information at hand regarding the menu, the wine, and the specials of the day. I have to also give honorary mentions to two other places to eat that were part of my dinner options; Kruim and Lichtfabriek. But as we all know, the cheesy side always prevails.

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