Beaches and blue skies are normally enough to attract visitors to Key West, Florida, but with the addition of the Key West Food and Wine Festival, there’s no excuse not to visit.

The events list is long and showcases some of the island’s best food, together with a selection of wines from Australia, Argentina, and the state of California.

Wine swirl
The Key West Food and Wine Festival is turning up the heat in Key West.

“The fifth annual Key West Food & Wine Festival will be January 22-26, 2014. The Festival is set to turn up the heat in Key West.

Events range from extravagant walk-around tastings during our famous sunset, to educational wine and food seminars led by our local talent, to local funky events you would only expect to experience in Key West.

We are celebrating the culinary arts in this community which boasts such a rich food and drink heritage.Thus, an annual Key West Food and Wine Festival to be held Wednesday, January 22 through Sunday, January 26, 2014!

We want you to enjoy our scrumptious restaurants, freshest seafood in the world, unique local ingredients, gorgeous weather and funky fun atmosphere.

We would like to invite you to Key West’s newest Party.”

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