A tasteful filling with pieces of meat in a stock sauce. (Photo Credit: Soraya Lemmens)
A tasteful ragoût filling with pieces of meat in a stock sauce. (Photo Credit: Soraya Lemmens)

During Autumn and Winter ragoût is a popular dish to eat, as it is a dish which gives you a warm and satisfying feeling when the temperature is decreasing. It’s the kind of food that makes you warm. The mixture of the meat in combination with the sauce is something which is well appreciated during these months.

Ragoût is a traditional dish which is filled with pieces of meat, fish or vegetables in a sauce. The word ragoût comes from ragoûter which is a French word for ‘optimizing taste’.

Ragoût originated in France and from a dish called bouchée à la reine (also known as konninginnehapje in Dutch and Belgian). This dish was created for Queen Marie Leczinska aka the Queen of France, the wife of King Louis XV in 1703-1768. At that time, there were many bouchée dishes, which are dishes with pieces of meat in a sauce. However, this dish was created specifically for Marie Lexzinscka. She wanted the bouchée a la reine to be small and to be eaten in two or three bites. And therefore the bouchée a la reine was created. This dish became a popular dish in Belgium and in the Netherlands. During this time, this dish was known by different names. However, the name ragoût is the most common name in the Netherlands nowadays.

There are different types of fillings for the ragoût. A few examples are listed below with the most popular ones on top of the list:

  • Diced chicken breast poached in stock.
  • Slices of mushroom cooked in sauce.
  • Diced beef cooked in stock sauce.
  • Vegetables quartered and cooked in a sauce.

What is it?

  • Ragoût is filled with pieces of meat, fish or vegetables in a sauce.
  • The sauce is made from butter, flower, stock and milk.
  • The pastry is baked in the oven and the filling is cooked similar to stew.

Tips for Eating ragoût:

  • This dish is eaten as starter.
  • The dish is served hot.
  • This dish is eaten with a knife and fork.

Did you know:

  • It’s a common dish to eat during the winter months because of the combination of the filling and the sauce.
  • The shell which is used to put the filling is made from a round shaped pastry. The pastry is cut off at the top. Which make it looks like the dish has a hat. The meat, fish or vegetables with the sauce are filled inside the pastry. The part of the pastry which is cut off the pastry is placed on top of the filling.

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