The latest beauty craze about chocolate facial masks just went a level higher with the entry of the original chocolate makers in the U.S. – none other than Hershey’s Chocolates.

Having a chocolate mask is said to rejuvenate skin and make your face smooth and glowing. Hearing that promise is enough for people to run to the spa and have their faces splattered with chocolate. But for chocolate lovers, getting the mask is not enough; they should also be able to savor the chocolate.

Now you can have your chocolate and eat it too, all while relaxing. (Photo Credit: El chocolatoso Hershey’s by Flickr user tomyto)

And what better place to have that facial mask and eat it too than in Hershey, PA – The Sweetest Place on Earth. Famous for its wonderland-like ambiance, the Hershey Entertainment and Resort in Pennsylvania offers its most recent attraction at Hotel Hershey where guests can be treated to a most relaxing and delicious facial mask at the spa.

In over eight decades of providing great service to the world’s chocolate lovers, Hotel Hershey remains a great landmark hotel that has made Americans truly proud of their sweet heritage. One of the hotel’s strengths is its creativity in putting together great attractions that are not only for entertainment and amusement, but are instructive as well.

Did You Know? It was Pennsylvania that built the first high-speed, multi-lane highway in America, the Pennsylvania Turnpike. While known as the US Chocolate Capital, Pennsylvania has four thriving wineries and hosts the nation’s largest Welch’s grape processing plant located at the Grape Coast region in North East city.

Hotel Hershey wisely made their facial mask edible, and not just plain edible, but exquisitely edible. To tease your taste buds, the chocolate is applied first on your lips for a chance to sample what the rest of your face will be enjoying in the next hour. Patrons have described it as an extraordinary exfoliation ritual that’s both a beauty regimen and a gastronomic experience. While the mask hardens on your face, the sweet smell of chocolate will create an experience that is one part hunger inducing, one part (sweet) torture, and one part pure bliss.

Of course, after getting that relaxing spa treatment, you’ll end up craving more…more Hershey’s! No problem, just head for Chocolate World where they recently unveiled the Great Chocolate Factory Mystery in 4D. Or go into a chocolate coma at the Chocolate Tasting Adventure where they let you taste the different varieties of chocolates Hershey’s has made through the years. After eating tons of chocolate, you might want a healthy lunch and they are offering that at The Harvest, one of the favourite restaurants at Hershey Park.

Tip! Hotel Hershey just opened its new health and fitness centre, equipped with a heated outdoor aquatic complex at the center of which is a family pool, two large slides, and kiddie spray deck. They also offer a great menu of food and beverages, served poolside.

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