“Oh, Barcelona! Every spire, every brick, every centuries-old street fills my senses with awe!”

This would be the perfect mantra of every tourist who gets to experience ancient Barcelona. It’s a mantra of pure love to a place even its conquerors adored. The spires at Sagrada Familia and its unbelievable architecture are a testament to humanity’s incredible genius and diligence. A few steps from Barcelona’s famous cathedral is La Pedrera, another architectural marvel and circling around the city’s exceptional sights is Paseo de Gracia, one of the oldest road networks in the world where the most expensive stores in Europe are also located.

Hotel Praktik Bakery
Is there really any smell that is better than that of fresh baked bread? (Photo Credit: Hotel Praktik Bakery)
The Minor Basilica of Sagrada Familia was less than 25% complete when its main architect, Antoni Gaudi, died in 1926. The church has been under construction since 1882 and is not totally finished up to this day. Still, it is recognized as the most extraordinary Gothic architecture the world has ever seen.

And while walking through the bricked city alleys, your sense of smell will lead to you to a most interesting place – the Praktik Bakery Hotel. As you step in, you will be impressed with the modernist ambience with hints of culture and antiquity that only a designer like award-winning architect Lazaro-Rosa Violan can execute flawlessly. They have fully furnished rooms for couples and even for backpackers, with all the expected amenities that distinguish the Praktik chain of hotels in Europe.

Hotel Praktik Bakery
What makes this particular place a shot to the senses is the bakery right in the hotel’s reception lobby. (Photo Credit: Hotel Praktik Bakery)

But what makes this particular place literally a nourishing shot to the senses is the Baluard Bakery right in the hotel’s reception lobby. Baker Anna Bellsola makes bread like her grandfather used to. She makes kneading and baking a passionate agenda that reminds her of humanity, wisdom and work. What comes out of the oven is, as she puts it, a gift of serenity. It is just bread – pure, unmitigated food that man lives and dies for.

Barcelona is a major global city and is the 4th most economically powerful city in EU. It is a favourite tourist destination as well as the site for some of the world’s largest gatherings, including the 1992 Summer Olympics and the recently held FIBA World Cup.

You might wonder if this modernist hotel will make true its promise of a good night’s sleep and wake you to the heavenly scent of freshly-baked bread. Of course! After all, this is Barcelona, the place where heavenly wonders stand at every corner. Would you have guessed that it would be the exquisite aroma of freshly baked bread that will make you love Barcelona even more for its gastronomic splendor?

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