There are hop-on hop-off buses. Then there is the Gourmet Bus. What makes the latter so different? Think of it as a moving restaurant that serves Spanish gourmet dishes from the highly-acclaimed in the restaurant business while guests enjoy the best sights of Barcelona, Spain.

The glass-roofed double-decker Gourmet Bus has an interior set-up typical of a restaurant equipped with a modern kitchen, a spacious dining area, and toilets. The bus offers a full-course menu prepared by reputable chef Carles Gaig which includes Crunchy Bread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Guinea fowl a la Royale with Parmentier of Potato and Wild Mushroom, and Deconstructed Catalan Creme Brulee. There is also a hot or cold tapas menu.


Guests can also enjoy some of the must-sees in Barcelona. The city has a plethora of renowned architecture like the works of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. He is known for his unique and innovative designs and has a reputation for avoiding straight lines. This is very evident in the colorful Casa Batlló or the “House of Bones” where windows are irregular ovals and pillars look like bones. This and other works of Gaudi like the Roman Catholic Church Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera (Casa Milà), both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are included in the tour.

Barcelona Spain
There is plenty to see in Barcelona, both on and off the bus. (Photo Credit: camí de la feina – Barcelona – HDR – on my way to work by Flickr user MorBCN)

Don’t worry if everything feels overwhelming and if you missed some views along the way. Passengers are each given an iPad which contains all the information about the tour for easy navigation, which is available in 11 different languages. The images captured by the external cameras attached to the buses can also be accessed through the iPad. There are multi-lingual attendants on board for the three-hour tour to answer any questions. Now, that’s definitely nowhere near your ordinary tour bus, right?

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