Ninety days of heavenly Nutella pleasure is better than none. So Nutella fans say.

From now until September 30th, expect long lines at Carvel dessert stores Stateside as faithful courtesans of the creamy, chocolatey spread take advantage of every precious day for a Nutella binge.

You don’t even need to see the full jar to feel hungry. (Photo Credit: Nutella, mon rêve by Flickr user kazuletokyoite)
The original version of Nutella spread was called pasta gianduja, pasta which means paste, and gianduja, a famous carnival character.

It could very well be the dessert to end all desserts — the famous ice cream maker Carvel partnered with the equally famous chocolate hazelnut spread maker Ferrero to make the limited edition Carvel Nutella Ice Creams.

Four uber delicious flavors are available:

  • Hand-Scooped Chocolate Ice Cream layered with Nutella® hazelnut spread and Carvel Crunchies, then topped with Nutella® hazelnut spread
  • Soft-Serve Ice Cream made with Nutella® hazelnut spread
  • Sundae Dasher with Banana – Layers of soft-serve made with Nutella® and bananas topped with whipped cream and Nutella® hazelnut spread
  • Sundae Dasher with Chocolate Crunchies – Layers of soft-serve made with Nutella® and Carvel Crunchies topped with whipped cream and Nutella® hazelnut spread
You’ll have to be quick if you want to try all these limited edition flavours. (Photo Credit: Carvel)

These cold, creamy flavours are actually being offered as fitting gifts to its maker’s most loyal customers. Both Carvel and Nutella are celebrating their birthdays – the 80th for Carvel and 50th for Nutella — and millions of their fans are singing “hallelujah!” for their decision to celebrate by partnering together to make Nutella Ice Cream.

Carvel is famous for its handcrafted ice cream and they have expertly maintained the quality of their delicious ice cream since they opened in 1934 as the first retail ice cream franchise in America. After 80 years of satisfying customers with its special treats, Carvel has expanded its menu  to include soft serve ice cream, take home treats, and delicious ice cream cakes.

Did You Know? Tom Carvel, founder of Carvel Ice Cream, developed new designs for refrigeration and manufactured these for selling. Carvel specializes in ice cream cakes, and two of the most popular ice cream novelties – Fudgie the Whale, and Cookie Puss.

Nutella is marking its golden year with a blast: it’s not only partnering with the best ice cream maker, it is also set to open two new stores – one in Chicago and another in New York. And as bonus treat to its fans, Nutella has teamed up with the Cronut makers for a one-day only Cronut hole liberally coated with creamy Nutella.

Thanks to the Carvel-Nutella tandem, we’re having a cool, cool summer.

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