Travel Glutton Moments are moments in time when travel and food merge together so perfectly well that you almost can’t believe it and have to pinch yourself to make sure it is all real.

Waffels op Wielen
Waffels op Wielen at the NeighbourFood Market. (Photo Credit: Tanya Braaksma)

The NeighbourFood Market in Amsterdam was an event I had been trying to clear my schedule for months to attend. From the moment I stepped inside until I washed and packed away my own dishes in a re-useable bag, I had a fantastic time. I love how they promote sustainability, locally produced specialities, and a fun-loving atmosphere. Seeing everyone enjoying and sharing food in such an impressive environment is what makes this event something not to be missed. – Tanya Braaksma

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Tanya is an avid traveller who is happiest when using her camera to discover what delights the world has to offer. She originates from Canada, currently makes her home in the Netherlands, and is on an everlasting journey to visit all corners of the world.


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