London’s iconic establishment, Fortnum & Mason, has been a favorite spot for locals and tourists. Their store at 181 Piccadilly in St. James’s has been in operation since 1707. Over the years, it has preserved the English heritage and continues to exude a certain level of old-fashioned charm. No one can deny the appeal of the place that is nothing short of quintessential British.

The news of the second shop is bound to make shoppers happy. (Photo Credit:
The news of the second shop is bound to make shoppers happy. (Photo Credit:

Fortnum & Mason has been the purveyor of quality food, wine, teas, and picnic hampers to a high society clientele, including the Royal Family. It holds several royal warrants including Grocers and Confectioners and Foreign Warehousemen to HRH the Prince of Wales and Purveyors of Oilery to HM the Queen.

After more than 300 years, Fortnum & Mason is finally opening its second store in London at the beginning of November. The store will utilize the former ticket hall of St. Pancras International, Eurostar’s London terminus. The station’s Victorian architecture is in perfect keeping with the store’s theme and sense of tradition.

In an interview with Ewan Venters, chief executive of Fortnum & Mason, he said, “St Pancras is London’s Grand Central Station. It’s a great opportunity. We feel the centre of gravity in London is moving north and east from Piccadilly. Thirty five million people a year go through the station, and nearly a quarter of those people are going there to shop rather than to travel.”

A wide variety of Fortnum’s specialties and luxuries will be made available in the store for the convenience of travelers and commuters who don’t have the time to visit the shop in Piccadilly. The space will also accommodate a tea salon. It will serve meals and provide tablecloth tea service and carry-out option.

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