Summer and outdoor food festivals go hand-in-hand. Warm sunshine, blue skies, and cotton candy clouds all call your name and beckon you outside to sample crisp white wine, creative cocktails, and the culinary creations of artisan producers, local restaurants, and innovative chefs.

Warm sunshine and blue skies make for great festivals.
(Photo Credit: Foodies Festival)

Foodies Festivals, organised across the United Kingdom by Foodies Magazine, are a standout series of summer food festivals dedicated to foodies, and the next edition is taking place from June 6th to 8th at Clapham Common in London.

As one of the largest green spaces in the city, Clapham Common regularly plays host to events and festivals, kite flying children, and friends and family taking advantage of long summer days to enjoy a picnic on the green grass. So popular is Clapham Common that on sunny days you might be hard-pressed to find a spot to spread your blanket.

As lovely as your homemade picnic may be, you will find the Foodies Festival has much more to offer than anything you could ever pack in your basket.

So just what is in store for a foodie at the Clapham Common Foodies Festival?

Release your inner foodie. (Photo Credit: Foodies Festival)

To start with, a Chefs Theatre takes place every hour and features Michelin-starred chefs from some of the U.K’s finest restaurants. Imagine head chef Robert Ortiz from London’s Peruvian restaurant LIMA demonstrating how to make one of LIMA’s signature dishes, Octopus Olivio, or anything else for that matter. Wisdom gained from the Chefs Theatre will be invaluable to every foodie and without a doubt it will make you hungry for more.

Lucky for you, you’ll be in the middle of a food festival and won’t be hungry for long!

If you want to take your tastebuds on a trip around the world without leaving Clapham Common, the Street Food Avenue is a great place to start. Food trucks will have their grills fired up and with a bit of luck and a light breeze, you’ll just have to follow your nose to find your favourite.

Try all the food trucks in your search to find a favourite. (Photo Credit: Foodies Festival)

Several well-known London restaurants will be popping up at the Foodies Festival, bringing the best of the capital’s vibrant and diverse culinary scene to Clapham Common. And no food festival can be considered complete without a local, artisan touch. This will be found at the Producers Market, a showcase for local food producers to exhibit and for you to sample their wares.

All this eating will no doubt make you very thirsty so why not quench your thirst at the Foodies Festival Drinks Theatre? As with the Chef’s Theatre, top sommeliers, mixologists, and cocktail creationists will be hard at work to enhance your summer taste experience.

If your tastes run more toward beer and cider, don’t worry, the Foodies Festival has that covered too. Their new Real Ale and Cider Farm brings a bit of the farm to Clapham Common, with hay bale seating and a guitar for those inclined to play a little tune.

There really was a windmill on Clapham Common. OK, so that isn’t 100% accurate. There genuinely were windmills in Clapham back in the days when the area was used for farming, but their exact location is unknown so they may not have sat exactly on the common that exists today. They would have been in the same area however and the Windmill on the Common pub was named after one of the two windmills of the day. The Windmill pub was built in 1665. –

Cross your fingers for warm sunshine, blue skies, and cotton candy clouds and let this Foodies Festival bring out your inner foodie.

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