Ah, Paris. Just the word alone is enough to have many people adjusting their accent, grabbing a baguette, and dreaming of the Eiffel Tower. But it isn’t all about the tourist attractions and atmosphere. Throughout Paris are streets filled with history, and even better, packed with food. One of these is Rue Mouffetard.

Located in one of the oldest and liveliest neighbourhoods of Paris, Rue Mouffetard is a street in the fifth arrondissement of the city.

The city of Paris is divided into twenty arrondissements municipaux, administrative districts, more simply referred to as arrondissements. The number of the arrondissement is indicated by the last two digits in most Parisian postal codes (75001 up to 75020). – Wikipedia

The origins of this thoroughfare date back to Neolithic times. Nowadays, the street is known for the food shops and restaurants that line both sides, spilling out onto the street, creating the ultimate French street market.

Scallops in Paris
Scallops in their shells and piled high – a sight worth seeing in Paris. (Photo Credit: Heather Tucker)

Amongst the fragrant cheeses and patchwork displays of fruit and vegetables are the scallops. Piled high and still in their orange-brown, fan-shaped shells.

Scallops are characterized by having two types of meat in one shell: the adductor muscle, called “scallop”, which is white and meaty, and the roe, called “coral”, which is red or white and soft. Sometimes, markets sell scallops already prepared in the shell, with only the adductor muscle intact. – Wikipedia

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