Food Postcard Marrakech
Aside from that delicious pancake I also had ice cream. It was called “Clock Choc” and I don’t regret any eating all of it. (Photo Credit: Lay Kuen Yee)

I don’t even have the words to sit here and try to describe to you this Food Postcard. I opened up my post and thought okay, let’s get started. Ten minutes later I found myself just staring at the photo’s and feeling nostalgic for that moment they placed this delicious plate in front of me.

Let me start by explaining how I got to this amazing little dish. It was my first day in Marrakech and my trusty inner compass was completely at a loss within the streets of the markets and souks. The actual area that the souks cover might be relatively small  but to a newcomer, they seem vast and varied. Understandable as an estimated 40,000 people are employed working in pottery, copperware, leather and, other crafts. We somehow ended up in front of this little cafe called Clock. The entire menu is a playful ode to traditional Moroccan dishes. They have a great selection of food, fresh smoothies, and desserts. What I love was the fusion feeling of modern cafes with traditional dishes and ingredients.

When we ordered this, it was just titled pancakes with caramalized bananas. I thought to myself, “that sounds tasty”, but what was about to show up at my table was not expected. I mean, let’s be serious –those are some pretty epic proportions of pancake, various fruits, and homemade caramel. ┬áThe pancake itself reminded me of old fashion American pancakes so light and fluffy you barely know you’re having them. Since it was a hot day (for me coming from Dutch weather) the fresh fruit did a great balancing act. This is what I mean when I say “Marrakech fusion breakfast”.

There were many great things I knew I was going to enjoy when I set out to visit Marrakech and Morocco in general. Surprisingly, I never knew that pancakes were going to be on my list of things I wouldn’t forget.

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