Opulent, luxurious, decadent – words used to describe not only the plush interior of Gerbeaud in Budapest, Hungary, but also the delectable confectionaries served at this traditional café.

Gerbeaud Royal Chocolate
Gerbeaud’s Royal Chocolate cake is a slice of heaven.
(Photo Credit: Gerbeaud)

Dominating the northern side of Vörösmarty tér, an elegant square named after Hungarian poet Mihály Vörösmarty, Gerbeaud has crafted sinful sweets at this very spot since 1870 and welcomed European royalty and film stars as guests.

Below Vörösmarty tér is the first metro stop of Budapest’s M1 line and its quaint charm will take you back to the previous century. Built between 1894 and 1896 it is the oldest metro line in Europe. Vörösmarty tér is also the start of Budapest’s most famous shopping street, Váci Utca.

Whether starting or concluding an afternoon of shopping or sightseeing, there is always a reason to stop at Gerbeaud. Chocolate lovers in search of the ultimate indulgence need look no further than the Royal Chocolate cake. It is baked with a chocolate sponge base, crispy caramel wafer, hazelnut praline with white Valrhona chocolate filling, and a bitter chocolate mousse topping. Did someone say chocolate?

Those searching for a delicate balance between chocolate and fruit will find it in Emil Gerbeaud’s Legacy, the namesake chocolate dessert of Gerbeaud’s founding father. It is flavoured with homemade cognac cherries, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and like all Gerbeaud confectionaries, can best be enjoyed among friends and with a cup of Italian-roasted coffee.

For those less enthusiastic about chocolate, Gerbeaud’s cheesecake with sour cherry ragout is a slightly tart alternative and the apple strudel with vanilla cream sauce a more sweet selection.

If you can’t choose a favourite, you’ll just have to try them all.

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