If sweets are just what the doctor ordered then Dr. Sweety, the happy candy clinic in Ghent, Belgium, has everything needed to fill your prescription.

Dr Sweety
Sweets can be the cure-all for whatever ails you.
(Photo Credit: Dr. Sweety)

Clear cases of sweet, sour, and colourful candy line the walls of Dr. Sweety and their vibrant rainbow hues offset the stark white interior of the shop. Colour, texture, and the anticipation of taste will tease your senses and leave you testing the best methods of filling your chosen vessel.

For those who need only a small reminder to take their ‘medicine’, pocket-size pillboxes offer the quickest cure. More serious cases of sweeth tooth can be dealt with by selecting from different pill bottle sizes, and emergency situations should only be attended to with a first aid kit full of the sweetest sweets. Be warned, however, as “excessive consumption may cause feelings of extreme happiness.”

Unlike other sweet shops, Dr. Sweety doesn’t charge by weight. Prices depend on the size of your box, bottle, or kit, leaving you to find the most creative way of filling them. And if you’re collecting a prescription for someone you love, there are a handful of sweet and funny labels to choose from.

Located at Botermarkt 8 in Ghent, Dr. Sweety is directly opposite the historic Town Hall. Construction of the town hall spanned several centuries and the building fuses various architectural styles into one distinct city landmark.

Town hall tours can be arranged and also combined with a guided city walk. Just don’t forget to fill your prescription at Dr. Sweety along the way.

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