A most delicious snack is a slightly chilled, freshly peeled clementine. (Photo Credit: Heather Tucker)

Clementines, mandarins, and satsumas – oh my!

When it comes to small orange fruits one of our favourites is the humble clementine. Deep orange in colour, smooth and glossy on the outside – this fruit is happy to fill in as a quick snack, a sweet dessert treat or playing the part of the “Christmas Orange”, so called because of its peak season between mid-November to January.

Most sources credit Father Clément Rodier for discovering the clementine due to accidental hybridisation in the garden of his orphanage in Algeria.

Over 90% of Algeria is covered by the Sahara desert and only 12% of the total land area is inhabited.

Others say it originated earlier in China.

The Forbidden City [in China] is enormous. It covers an area of 178 acres that include 90 palaces with courtyards, 980 total buildings, and at least 8,700 rooms. The total floor space is over 1,600,000 square feet. -Ducksters

No matter where the clementine originated from, we are extra happy when the Christmas season rolls round and these sweet fruits roll onto the table.


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