Raise your hand if you love chocolate. Now keep it raised if, come Easter, you always find yourself surrounded by chocolate Easter eggs, taste-testing them all in an effort to find your favourite. Milk chocolate eggs are classic but personally, I’ve never been able to resist those which are filled with silky chocolate ganache.

de Texelse Chocolaterie
Baskets are piled high with small but perfectly formed Easter eggs. (Photo Credit: Tanya Braaksma)

Making it even more difficult for you to choose a favourite is De Texelse Chocolaterie, located in the town of Den Burg on the windswept Dutch island of Texel.

Nanne-Jan and Lia Stienstra are the owners of this charming chocolaterie. Their efforts to produce chocolates which are true Texel products see bonbons made with the island’s own locally grown bounty. Liqueur, apple, rhubarb, mint, and lavender pair with chocolate to create some seriously amazing flavour combinations.

Did You Know? On the island of Texel, sheep are said to outnumber residents. The Tourist Office also sells a special Lamb Cycling Route booklet to show you the very best of the spring landscape.

At Easter all sizes of milk chocolate bunnies, some with dark and white chocolate swirls, invade the shop. Baskets are piled high with small but perfectly formed Easter eggs and favourite flavours such as cranberry, coffee, hazelnut praline, vanilla caramel, and advocaat – filled with a creamy mixture of eggs, sugar, and brandy – tempt everyone who enters the shop. The flavours change every year though and your favourites just might too.

If you’re already a chocoholic then why not go one step further and learn to make your own bonbons? Nanne-Jan and Lia offer workshops at De Texelse Chocolaterie in Den Burg every Tuesday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. The cost is 24.50 Euros (EUR) per person and it’s best to reserve your spot in advance.

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