The end of a year is a time for reflection and a time for planning. The same applies at Travel Gluttons, where we review past adventures – places we have travelled to and foods we have eaten. While simultaneously looking towards 2016 dreaming of the places we will go and the meals/drinks we will enjoy. In honour of this pleasurable task, we have put together a list worthy of any food-loving traveller.

We hope you enjoy the list, and we would love to hear what destinations and foods you are looking forward to in 2016.

2016 is (almost) here. It is time to hit the road!
2016 is (almost) here. It is time to hit the road!

Five of Our Favourite Food and Travel Experiences in 2015

How to Drink Jenever: If you live in the Netherlands or have visited the country, the chances are that you came across the drink jenever. Either at a bar, through distilleries arranging tastings, possibly during a crazy Dutch birthday party (where sitting in a circle is a must!), or simply via word of mouth.

A Marrakech Fusion Breakfast: In the midst of the heat, the dust, and confusion, We found a welcoming gem in the streets of Marrakech.

City Guide for Rouen, France: Rouen is famous for it’s association with Joan of Arc, who was dramatically burned alive in the Place De Vieux Marche in 1431. Today a memorial to her stands in the very place she perished at the young age of 19; her ashes were scattered in the Seine. As you wander around the streets adorned with Gothic architecture, cathedral upon cathedral, stunning law courts, and the River Seine which runs along the bottom edge of the city, you get an impressive sense of history.

La Galette, the French Savoury Pancake: Step inside a crêperie, if you dare, you just might get addicted to the la galette.

How to Eat Razor Shell Clams: A classic bait for fishing, razor shell clams can be used all year around. Recreational digging is truly a family sport and one that can be enjoyed by everyone. All you need is a basket to put your catch in and salt!

Four Destinations That Deserve to Be Travelled to in 2016

France: With the European Cup behind held in the country during 2016, France will be on the travel plans for many football lovers. As a food loving traveller, it should also be on yours.

Malta: Overlook this island at your peril. With huge portion sizes being the norm and local ingredients a regular, you’ll find your stomach happy as you enjoy the sunshine.

Bath, England: We knew about the Roman baths, but we didn’t realise that Bath had its own food specialities up its sleeve. Will you visit to find out what they are?

Iran: Travel restrictions for the country have recently been made easier and with an emerging food scene, you won’t want to miss it.

Three Foods That Deserve to Be Enjoyed in 2016

Seaweed: We already covered the famous Weed Burger, but we expect to see seaweed popping up on more and more menus in 2016.

Octopus: You’ll want to get to grips with this eight-legged creature.

Portuguese Custard Tarts: You are going to want to grab some — trust us!

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