Autumn is knocking on Australia’s door and the city of Melbourne is welcoming the season with Flavour Exchange, held March 20th and 21st at Federation Square. A 25-Australian Dollar (AUD) ticket offers you entrance and 14 tasting tokens to be used to find your favourite flavour.

chocolate brownie
Is chocolate your favourite flavour?

“Stop and take stock as the slow food season of autumn creeps in. Enjoy hearty pies, pastas and potatoes alongside Amber Ales and mid weight wines. Prepare for the winter ahead by learning art of preserving and slow food with us at Federation Square this March.

Sample and stock-up on some of Victoria’s finest wines, beer, ciders and tasty treats, while meeting the craftsmen and women who make it all happen.

For just $25 per ticket visitors will receive 14 tasting tokens to sample their picks from the multitude of flavours – it’s like a mini progressive dinner and drinks.

Flavour Exchange occurs four times a year, celebrating the best of each season. Think fresh ciders in Summer, medium bodied pinots in Autumn, roasted chestnuts in Winter and bright, hoppy brews in Spring. If you try something you love you’ll have the opportunity to purchase it on the spot, straight from the producer, which means you can save money on your favourite Victorian products.

Quick Exchange runs throughout the evening, you could have the opportunity to learn the best way to break down a side of beef, how to prepare an impressive cocktail or talk you through unexpected wine matches. This Autumn you could also win the chance to cook off against two of Melbourne’s funniest:
Thursday could see you throwing down against Joel Creasey, lovingly titled the ‘Acid tongue prince’ and Friday sees you in with a chance against Spicks and Speck’s, Fabulous with a capital F, Adam Richard!”

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