Calling all lemon lovers! From February 15th until March 5th, the French town of Menton is hosting the 81st annual Fête du Citron, the Lemon Festival. The star of the show is the Golden Fruit Parade, held every Sunday during the festival, where the floats are constructed from thousands of lemons.

Calling all lemon lovers to the Fête du Citron!

“From a mere citrus fruit show set up in 1933 to an internationally renowned event, the Lemon Festival® is today attended by some 160,000 visitors.

At this 81st edition, with the «20,000 Leagues under the Sea» theme, John Lemon, the event mascot, assists Maud Fontenoy, an icon of biodiversity.

From 15th February to 5th March 2014, the Lemon Festival® immerses visitors in the world of the Nautilus, to meet Captain Nemo and Professor Aronnax of National Museum of Natural History and his faithful assistant.

Stilt walkers, musicians, actors and acrobats provide both daytime and evening entertainment during the float processions.

Narwhals, whales, giant squid and other creatures take over the Biovès Gardens and reveal all their secrets in the spotlights of the Gardens of Light.

To immerse yourself completely in the Festival, packages with or without accommodation are available for lemon enthusiasts (more information on

Feel like something exotic ? Alongside the Lemon Festival®, the Palais de l Europe is hosting the Festival of Orchids and Crafts.

John Lemon has just whispered a little detail in our ear: The Mentonese horizon will be lit up in the evening of 2nd March 2014!

The Festival in Numbers

Number of lemons: 100 tonnes of citrus fruit for the gardens / 30 tonnes for the floats / 10 tonnes for changing any spoiled fruit
500,000 elastic bands
75m3 of braided boxwood
30 kilos of fruit to cover 1m2

19 days of festival
About 160,000 visitors
10 floats and 11 structures in the Gardens
+ 20,000 hours of work by the teams to set up the Festival”

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