Festival del Sole returns to California’s Napa Valley this weekend, running from July 12th to 21st. Much more than just a wine and food festival, Festival del Sole is a lifestyle event which offers the opportunity to indulge in gastronomic delights, sample the delicious wines of the region, attend film screenings, art exhibitions, concerts, and even practice yoga in the vineyards.

Napa Valley grapes
Among the many highlights of Festival del Sole are the world-renowned wines of Napa Valley.

Festival del Sole begins on Friday, July 12th with a VIP dinner hosted by the Napa Valley Reserve, and continues the following day with A Taste of Napa. Throughout the week there are various brunches, tastings, and cultural acitivities – a full calendar that will keep any discerning foodie busy.

“A Celebration of the Art of Life. 10 Days. 100 Wineries. Over 60 Events. Stars of Music, Dance and Theater. Napa Valley’s Fine Wine and Cuisine. Enriching Art, Wellness and Community Programs. Every July, Napa Valley is on stage.

World-class music, dance and theater are artfully blended with one-of-a-kind lifestyle programs and Napa’s incomparable wines and culinary delights.

The region’s beauty is the backdrop for breathtaking performances, intimate vintner’s luncheons, exquisite winery dinners, exclusive wine tastings, admission-free community concerts and rejuvenating wellness activities.

This is Napa Valley Festival del Sole.

Join us July 12-21, 2013!”

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