The country of Mexico in North America is known for bringing the world drinks, dips, and food – like tacos, tortillas, enchiladas, guacamole, salsa, and tequila. If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine or are just curious about what makes it appealing to so many people, a gastronomic tour of the country’s culinary regions is something you definitely don’t want to pass up. Real Food Adventure- Mexico is surely every travel glutton’s dream escape.

The eight-day tour starts off in Mexico City, the country’s capital. Here you will be introduced to the street food scene. Tacos are one of the most popular fast food items and are found practically everywhere in Mexico. And what better way to find out which taquería (taco shop) serves the best taco than by going on a late-night taco crawl? Of course, your first night in Mexico won’t be complete without a sip of mezcal (a distilled liquor made from agave, a plant native to Mexico) and some churros (donuts rolled in cinnamon and sugar).

Shrimp Tacos
Is there anything more flavourful than Mexican street food?

On days two and three, you will find yourself in the ‘land of the seven moles’. The state of Oaxaca in Southwestern Mexico is a UNESCO World Heritage site with many interesting ruins, architecture, and archaeological sites. It is also home to various ethnic groups and sumptuous diversity of food can be expected. Some of the things you can look forward to are the mercados (markets), food offerings like the exotic chapulines (grasshoppers), sweet cactus fruit, queso Oaxaca (cheese), barbacoa (slow, pit-cooked barbecue), chocolates, and the Mitla ruins.

Day four is spent in Puebla. Since this is Mexico’s culinary capital, expect to sample specialties that will leave you wanting for more. There will be a lot of walking but don’t worry. Numerous historical sites, streets like “Sweet Street”, a traditional wrestling match, and live local music will undoubtedly be worth the extra cardio workout.

It is amazing how one photo can make you want to go somewhere just to eat. (Photo Credit: Intrepid Travel)

Days five through eight start with a cooking class focusing on Puebla’s famed chiles en nogada (chillies in walnut sauce), mole poblano (chocolate sauce), and tinga (shredded chicken) before heading back to Mexico City. Your second visit to the capital city will allow you to discover more food spots, museums, parks, and markets for that perfect ending to your culinary adventure.

If your mouth is already watering and your credit card is calling then head to Intrepid Travel’s website for the full details.

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